Hey thanks for visiting my page! You're probably here to find out about my art direction, but did you know that I'm also the 2018 National Dali Mustache Champion? Impressive, I know. 

I currently work as an Art Director at TMV Group, a boutique advertising agency in Royal Oak, Michigan. I have been in that role since May of 2014. I am also listed as their production manager, because you know, when at a small agency, you tend to wear many hats. I am proud to say that my work with Rip It Energy and Great Lakes Coffee have won some internet advertising awards, and I know there will be many more to come!

Before working at TMV I worked as a Production Artist at TJX in Framingham, Massachusetts working on T.J.Maxx, Homegoods, and Marshalls. So I know a thing or two about print production and photo retouching. 

Thanks for visiting, and I hope we can work together soon!